Top 10 Free Softwares For Windows 7

Although hardware is definitely important, a computer is only as good as the software that is on it. Because of this, there is a multi-billion dollar software industry. However, not all good software is expensive. In fact, there are plenty of good free programs out there. Here’s the top 10 for Windows computers.

Web browsing software – Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a good internet browsing option. It is a more secure browser then some of the other common browsers, and is also highly customizable, with countless toolbars and customizations. You don’t need to trick it out though, it works well as a basic browser as well. Download Mozilla Firefox 6.

Video player – Miro

Miro is a much more robust video player than your pre-installed Windows Media Player, and plays any type of video. It also allows you to search, play, and download YouTube videos, as well as other videos. Download Miro here.

Instant messaging – Pidgin

Pidgin is a great software to help you integrate your different IM accounts, making your instant messaging easier and simpler. Download Pidgin here. You can also check top pidgin plugins you must use.

Word processing – Open Office

Open Office is a full office suite, the free equivalent to Microsoft Office. With Open Office, you can use word processing, presentations, graphics, databases, and more. Download Open Office here. You can also check the other free word processing softwares.

DVD ripping – Handbrake

Handbrake allows you to rip a DVD to your computer, allowing you to watch it even when you don’t have the disc with you. Download Handbrake here.

Graphics and photo editing – GIMP

GIMP is the free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to edit photos and create graphics. It is definitely a great program, and has more features than many photo editing or graphic design software programs that cost money. Download GIMP here.

Sound recording – Audacity

Audacity allows you to record audio through your computer, as well as allowing you to do simple audio editing. You can also use it to convert tapes and records to CDs. Download Audacity here. You can also check top free digital audio editors.

FTP client – FileZilla

FileZilla is a simple and easy to use program that allows you to manage web files over a FTP connection. FileZilla makes it easy to transfer files between your computer and your website, both ways. Download FileZilla here.

Email client – Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a good option for those who want to have their email downloaded to their computer rather than only having it online. It is similar to Microsoft Outlook, except it is – need we say it – free. Download Mozilla Thunderbird here. You can also check topfree email clients.

Archiving – PeaZip

PeaZip allows you to archive files in many different file formats. It also allows you to unzip other archives. This is great to help you manage your files to take up less disk space. Download PeaZip here.
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