How to watch Free Live TV Online

Most of the people want to watch free online live TV whenever there is a Tennis,Soccer or Cricket and most of the time due to lack of information have to surf lot of low quality sites to find the links of the sites which directly stream live TV for free. There are lot of sites which even charge you for providing Live Streaming ,most of times they are fetching the streams from another source and then giving you links to the channels.One of the site even attempted to install an adware called Zangocash on my system which my favourite antivirus blocked easily.So I thought of searching the sites which gives you free live streaming experience which paying a single buck.
To watch the internet TV channels on this page you need a player. Players can be downloaded free of charge. On a Windows machine you can use Windows Media Playerto play ‘Media’ streams, on a Mac you need to install the Perian- and Flip4Mac Quicktime components.
Some of the sites which provide free live streaming are:
  • : The best free online TV streaming site. It provides you lot of features.You can watch live streaming from lot of countries.You can browse through different countries plus you can browse by categories.It currently have 4152 channels which you can watch .
  • Streaming TV : You can watch lots of tv series for free on this site.
  • Beeline TV : It provides direct links which you can play Media player directly.It gives links for Windows Media player,Real Player and Quicktime links.
  • My Easy TV: you can watch free tv online out there with lot of channels to suffice your needs.
  • : Lots of categories having lot of live TVs across the globe.
  • Free Internet TV : This site contains over 1000+ links which you can play in your media players.They are arranged country wise.
  • IdesiTV : You can watch your favourite Indian channels on IdesiTv . I sometimes go to this site whenever someone is not streaming in our local LAN  .
  • Yourtvonline : This too provides some really good Free TVs to watch .
So enjoy watching live TV online for free. If you have some more sites to add then let me know I ll add them here.