6 Best Antivirus for Android OS : Espikes09

No one will like to share his or her personal data and information to a suspicious person or third party. It is not only true for the Android Smartphone but any model. But when it comes to Android handset, the science has given a lot to this Smartphone. Yes, users have a lot of data and personal information which cannot be shared at any cost. Thus, it becomes essential for the owner to protect every bit of information on the Android phone at any cost. We will take a look at the 6 most effective and promising security applications for the Android handsets today.
Best Antivirus App for Android

Lookout Mobile Security

This mobile application is available for Windows, BlackBerry mobiles and Android phones. It boasts of locating t6eh lost phones, backing up personal information and data on the web service; and protecting the phone from viruses and evil applications. To protect call logs and photos, you will have to pay $2.99 every month to the developer for getting its Premium version. The version can swipe off all data from SD card and mobile remotely along with locking the phones.

BullGuard Mobile Security 10

It protects your calendar, calls and phone for doubtful and evil applications. This application is greatly compatible with the popular platforms of Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android and BlackBerry. The application can turn on GPS to look for the lost Android phones. Benefits are also there for the parents that can spy on their children while messaging and photo activities through an effective parental control feature.

Norton Mobile Security

Locating handsets, changing passwords remotely and locking your Android handsets from a distance will be much easier with this excellent Norton Mobile Security compatible with Android 1.5 version. Also, you will be capable of wiping off all the data of your phone. The application also allows you to block spam text messages and complete virus scanning. The SD card will also come in the powerful domain of this security application for Android.

McAfee Wave Secure

You can easily back up your contacts, messages and call logs to McAfee web servers and restore from any internet location. This software also locks the phone when SIM card in not available in the slot and will help you in locating the device at the current position. You can also erase all the phone data remotely. It can be used with Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Android. The renting plan for this security application is $19.90 every year.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Along with 30 days of trial, you can buy it at the annual rental price of $3.99 and it also blocks any unwanted installation of malicious application. Nonetheless, you can also block text messages and calls. It also has got parental controls and protection against phony websites.

F-Secure Mobile Security

You can simply buy this security app for $59.99 and $39.99 for 1 and 2 year subscription respectively to protect your phone from spyware. It also provides you immediate alerts to suspicious websites. Backing up personal data, locating lost handsets, wiping of data remotely and knowing the current number in use are some other important features included in the Anti-Theft department.
Summary: – To serve your intended purpose, you will find a lot of security applications available in the Android market. Some of them are free but a few of these applications will cost you some bucks which is inferior to the value of your information on Android. (via smashingeeks)