Apple rebrands their new iPad as Wi-Fi + Cellular

Apple is not usually a brand that succumbs to pressure, especially if it concerns their iOS devices. The brand has been steadfast in the marketing of their products and where other brands have dropped the prices of their models, Apple has been resilient and have been keeping the price constant till their next product launches. However, it seems that the brand has been forced to accept that they have marketed their latest tablet badly across the world, with them facing many lawsuits from consumers in Australia and the UK over their 4G branding of the iPad. This has prompted the brand to change the name of their tablet from iPad Wi-Fi + 4G to iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular.
Succumbed to pressure
Succumbed to pressure

As per a report by 9to5Mac, “The source of the criticism of the 4G third-generation iPad models is the fact that the 4G LTE only functions in the U.S. and Canada, on a total of five carriers. The third-generation iPad can still connect to any 3G bands worldwide below the LTE level, but Apple still formerly advertised 4G capabilities in non-iPad-4G LTE- supported regions. Apple dropped that marketing weeks ago, but this new iPad name change marks Apple’s full point of not trying to fool customers. Apple did not simply make this iPad name change in the affected Australia and UK regions, but they changed it in the UK, Australia, the U.S., Canada, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, and Hong Kong.” 

The report goes on to state that the renamed tablets have been listed on and can be viewed on the Tech Specs section of the tablet. They go on to add that it is not only the online pages that have the rebranding in place, but also in the form of signage across their retail stores.

It appears that these lawsuits have hit Apple quite hard as it has prompted them to change the name of their device. Let us know your thoughts on Apple renaming their tablet from iPad + 4G to iPad + Cellular in the comments below and do you think that it will affect your decision to purchase it now that it has lost the 4G branding? (via Tech2)