Samsung Galaxy S III pops up on eBay India for Rs. 44,770

With the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S III just around the corner, the question on everyone's mind is the price at which it will retail. As of now, the brand has not revealed the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S III in India, but according to an earlier report, one could gather that it would cost Rs.38,000. However, as per a listing on eBay, a seller has put the handset up for pre-order and it sports a price of a whopping Rs.44,770. The price is higher by Rs.6,000, than what was initially expected and this may put off those looking to purchase this handset.

As per a report by, the author notes that initially when the listing was first put up on the online retail website, the price of the handset was slated at Rs.39,999. According to the report, “It seems the Galaxy S III listing on EBay India is probably a hoax as the person who listed it has just raised it up to Rs 44,700. However, multiple sources have confirmed to us that the Galaxy S III will be launched between Rs 36,000- Rs 40,000. Unless, of course, Samsung decides to bump the price owing to a week Indian Rupee, which makes importing the device costlier.” 
Classy and elegant
Classy and elegant, but will come at a higher price

The steep bump in the price would be a bit heartbreaking for those interested in being early adopters. However, it could also be that the reseller on eBay has taken a cue from the iPhone, as resellers bump up the cost of the device considerably before it officially launches in India. The reseller could also be looking to cash in on the hype surrounding the handset and has in turn priced it higher before the final prices are announced. But as the author noted, the weak Rupee could also be playing a role in the high price of the device and hence the device is being sold at such a high rate. (via Tech2)

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