India takes fifth spot in cyber crime affected nations

The number of cyber crimes in India has risen over the year, and several instances will vouch for that. Last year, the targets seemed to have been government websites. According to a report by the Security and Defence Agenda (SDA) and McAfee, India takes the fifth spot in cyber crime affected nations in the world. The report says that the premium on Internet privacy is quite low in the country. The report also says that India is aware that such cyber crimes would affect its reputation, and says there is lack of a single operator to effectively control Internet, telecom and power sectors. Ernst and Young points out that companies may lose about 5 per cent of their profits due to cyber crimes.
Hack to protest (Image Credit: Getty Images)
India in top 5 countries affected with cyber crimes (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Reportedly, the Cyber Security Summit which concluded in Bangalore had officials from the National Security Committee claim that the government is looking at capacity building that will lead to the draft of the national cyber security policy which is currently under discussion.

A report earlier had put light on cyber attacks during the Commonwealth Games 2010. Researchers at the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) had revealed that computer servers of government departments were attacked about 200 times during the Commonwealth Games in 2010, held in New Delhi. The DRDO spokesperson also revealed that although they did manage to stop attacks, DRDO lacks tools required to do so, effectively. 

The AP government websites were attacked lately, wherein hackers tried to break in various critical websites of the Andhra Pradesh government, even though a security audit was being conducted at the State Data Centre. Fortunately, the hackers weren’t successful, reportedly belong to Jakarta (Indonesia), Algeria and Turkey. Besides, there has been a report claiming thatChinese hackers are targeting Indian websites, and also talks about hacking campaign called ‘Luckycat’ that targets Indian military research institutions, and also Tibetan communities and Japan.(tech2)