Top 10 Best Android Games That Will Make You Addict

As You All Know, The Android space is ever evolving. With every passing day new and innovative games are being announced that have won the hearts of millions across the world. If you actually want to know which are the Top 10 Best Android Games at this very moment then read on? We have listed out the Top 10 Best Android Games based on their fanfare.

Temple Run

This game has been in the making for a very long time. It has been a couple of months before the iOS inspired Temple Run was launched in the Android space.
Temple Run Android Game
The launch version itself has been very well received by all game lovers. The fact that this game is a combination of Indiana Jones meets Canabalt gameplay has ensured that millions across the world are hooked on to it.

Angry Birds Space

Do we need to say more in regards to this game? Over the last 1 year millions across the world are known to have been smitten and literally addicted to this craze for Angry Birds.
Angry Birds Space Android Game
The Angry Bird Space is actually a sequel to the existing game that we all are addicted to. The new version has a fresh new adventure lined up for Rovio’s furious flock. Though the gameplay in regards to avian being flung ion pigs remains the same, they have introduced new planets that add a twist to the same game and makes it refreshing.

Draw Something

Of you have an artistic bent of mind and would always like to try out your hand in drawing then this is the best and ideal one for you.
Draw Something Android App
The concept of Draw something is something down the lines of Pictionary. The genius OMGPOP’s game has a focal point; you can actually choose an online opponent and draw an image and ask your online opponent to guess. The turns are fast and it’s a great way to catch up with friends staying miles away.

Node Hack 

This game on hacking was inspired from real life incidents and hit the headlines in 2011.
Node Hack Android Game
This is a better and improved version where the arcade strategy gameplay needs to be deployed. You get to slide around grids that have hacking nodes that needs to be deciphered to earn cash and to avoid enemies.

Heist the Score

This is inspired from bank robbery scenes that were common in early 19th century.
Heist The Score Android Game
This inspired game is on your face and comes with a gun blazing from the word go till the very end. That’s not all, all the way long you get ample chance to try out all the ammunitions that you have in store and have fun.


This game is based on Sky Jet international chopper that one needs to fly.
C.H.A.O.S Android Game
The situation is tricky as it is slightly tilted and touch controlled. Hence, one needs to create a perfect balance to get the jet started. That’s not all; you also have to dogfight and save your jet from enemy attacks.

Dungeon Village

Just when you thought that people are no more into the Kairosofts retro game concept this one is launched.
Dungeon Village Android Game
It is from the Japanese studios with amazing graphics that is enough to blow one away. The game is regarding a mayor of a medieval village; your job is to build up the whole village and to clear out the monsters around it. It’s funny and adventurous all rolled in one.

Flick Nations Ruby

This game is similar to NFL Kicker but a notch more dangerous than it.
Flick Nations Ruby Android Game
It is addictive as its controls are flawless. Also the graphics of this game is extremely clear and imaginative ensuring that one gets a great experience while playing it.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

It is a futuristic game that is a sequel to the old version of Micro Machines.
Tank Hero Laser Wars Android Game
However this new game has laser blasting death rays that takes it a few notches higher than the previous one. It has as many as 60 difficult scenes that one needs to cross while navigating a complex maze for each level and bring down all the enemies

Quell Reflect

This is a relaxing game that plays soothing melodies and has amazingly plinky sound effects.
Quell Reflect Android Game
This game does not seem difficult at the beginning, however as you start to cross the levels it becomes increasingly difficult to play through and move on. The game is based on a simple concept where you swipe a droplet of water towards the exit to change direction and hence deceiving the mind. There are many more obstacles that one would face as one progress on in the game and realizes that as compared to the staring the later levels are difficult. (via SmamzinGeeks)
These above are the Top 10 Best Android Games at present that one might not resist to be played off.