Flickr Ups Max Displayed Resolution to 2048px and Adds Size Controls

When it comes to viewing photos, bigger is so much better. Today’s high resolution screens let you explore the details of an image better than ever That’s why we’re very excited to introduce two new photo sizes, 2048 and 1600 pixels. They are already available in the lightbox and will be rolled out to the API and a few other places over the next couple of weeks.
Large sizes + Low compression = Beautiful photos
You may notice that your photos look better on Flickr. When resizing your photos for display, we use less compression than a lot of other sites to make sure that all the details are there and that the color is true. The care we take with your photos along with the new sizes that are ready for today’s (and tomorrow’s) displays make sure that your photos will always look great on Flickr.
Your images in the lightbox yesterday:
Lightbox View (before)
Your images in the lightbox starting today:
Lightbox View (after)
New size display control for Pro members
Pro members that want control over how large their images are displayed, have a new Image size setting that lets them set a maximum display size. With this new setting Pro members can upload their original full resolution image and still have control over what is shown to the world.
The new sizes are available for all photos that you have uploaded since March 1st. For each photo we are generating the two new 2048 pixels and 1600 pixels sizes (unless the uploaded image is smaller on the longer side). These new larger image sizes will make your photos look even more stunning on Flickr.