Spotify Launches New Version Of Desktop App With Cool New Features [Updates]

The staff at Spotify have been busy as of late. To go along with their long-awaited iPad app, they just launched a brand new version of their desktop applications for Mac and Windows with some great new features. The first feature, long-awaited by many users, is the ability to create a radio station from a playlist or an album. All you need to do is click on the playlist or album and then click the giant “Start Playlist Radio” button.
The next improvement comes in the form of instant search. When you search for something in Spotify, it shows a bunch of suggestions in a drop-down menu. Now, when you mouse over one of those suggested results, it will populate the result in the main screen automatically. This makes it quicker than ever to find what you are looking for and start listening.
The rest of the update pertains to sharing music with Spotify. It adds a feature that allows you to get an embed code for Spotify’s play button that can be used anywhere. All you need to do is right-click on an album, playlist or track and click the “Copy Embed Code” button.
You can also share your music on Spotify through Tumblr with this update. In addition, you can get a short link to anything on Spotify to facilitate sharing your music through Twitter.
Spotify has always been a social music experience, and this update expands on those concepts even further. Check out Spotify and their new update here.
(via Makeuseof)