5 notable features of Panasonic's new Arbo AI assistant

While phones have definitely become ‘smart,’ they still aren’t able to think for themselves. However, all this seems set to change with the advent of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Smartphones can now learn your habits overtime and then offer suggestions and notifications based on what they learn. So two people with the same phone may get very different suggestions based on the personality of the user.  

It’s no wonder then that AI and machine learning is considered by many to be the next major step in smartphone technology. Many major companies like Google and Samsung have already launched assistants that feature AI integration. Panasonic introduces this to the masses with two new mid-range smartphones.  

With the launch of the Eluga Ray Max and the Eluga Ray X, Panasonic not only unveiled two new smartphones, but also its brand new Arbo assistant. Arbo uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), to learn more about you and offer a notable features of Panasonic’s new Arbo AI assistant. 

Easy one-handed use

One of the secrets behind any good feature is ease of use. To ensure that Arbo can be easily accessed, the interface features a circular, radial fashion. This enables you to operate the features with just one hand, leaving the other hand free for other tasks. Arbo offers you a set of prompts to choose from and three additional prompts you can set manually. 

Location-based prompts

Arbo is also able to offer prompts based on where you are, and then suggest that you switch some settings. So when you get back home after a long day at work, the assistant will know that and make suggestions like turning the Wi-Fi back on, or turn on the Bluetooth to connect with devices. 

Learns your app habits

The assistant will also learn the way you use your phone and make suggestions based on that. Arbo will learn the apps that you use the most as well as the time you usually tend to use them. So if you tend to order food for lunch regularly, the assistant will be able to remind you to do that regularly. 

Makes sure never miss out on any calls

Besides keeping tabs on your app usage, Arbo will also remind you of any calls or messages that need to be made on a regularly. So if there is a call that you make every day, Arbo will ensure that you never miss out on it. 

Different phones, same assistant

If you choose to switch phones in the future, you don’t have to worry about teaching Arbo your habits all over again. Once you switch to a new device, the assistant will be able to recognise you and work in the same way as before. 

Via Digit