Latest 'Alien' Signals has left Astronomers confused

One of the biggest mysteries that still remains unsolved in astrophysics are the random-but-rare brief bursts of cosmic radio waves termed as Fast Radio Bursts coming from an unidentified source in the space. These Fast Radio Bursts or FRB were first detected approximately 10 years ago. Researchers have studied these signals since then.

The most perplexing one dubbed ‘FRB 150215,’ however, occurred back in 2015 and was discovered by researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy. Researchers have spent two years studying the signal but still remain as clueless as they were two years back. The source of the signal remains undetected and the researchers can’t conclude the reason for the same.


Emily Petroff, who is leading the on-going study told Gizmodo, “We spent a lot of time with a lot of telescopes to find anything associated with it. We got new wavelength windows we’ve never gotten before. We’re still trying to figure out where this one came from.”

Experts are reportedly of the varied opinions when it comes to answering which source the signal emerges from. Some suggest that it could occur due to stars colliding, while others claim that it maybe artificially created messages.

About 22 FRBs have been detected till date and astronomers believe that there could be up to 2,000 in the Universe every day.

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