26 Musicians to Follow On Google+ Famous and Undiscovered

Music is such a big part of our society, so I figured, why not share a list of some of the more interesting and talented musicians on Google+ today.  The list is two parted.  The first section is a simple list of the celebrity musicians who have appeared on Google+ thus far, while the list below it are the up and coming, lesser known musicians on the social network.
15 Stars of Google+:
  • Avril Lavigne - Singer, songwriter, musician, philanthropy
  • Britney Spears – American recording artist and entertainer.
  • Taylor Swift – American country pop singer-songwriter, musician and actress
  • Sasha Grey – Former Playboy model turned model and musician
  • Eminem – Rapper, Record producer, Songwriter, Actor
  • Soulja Boy – Youngest recording artist ever to write and produce a #1 hit
  • 50 Cent - Rapper, G-Unit
  • T-Pain – Singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, and actor.
  • Pitbull – American rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer.
  • Snoop Dog – Snoop Doggy Dog
  • Lil Wayne – Rapper, recently out of prison
  • Mark Hoppus – Blink 182 band member
  • Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails
  • Pete Wentz – Fall Out Boy, Black Cards, Clandestine Industries
  • Mariah Carey – The best-selling female artist of all time
11 Up And Coming Lesser Known Google+ Musicians
  • Daria Musk – Hit Google+ Hangout Musician, Upcoming Star.
  • Sarah English – Youtube Musician. SongPidgeon
  • Gabe Klavun – Musician from Brooklyn, also found on Youtube
  • Rob Michael – Professional jazz musician from SF Bay Area
  • Elijah MC – Beat Box looper creating tracks live on the spot.
  • Chris Loft – Musician,  producer, video maker, social networker, media student
  • Steve Lawson – Musician, Music teacher, Social media experimenter and thinker.
  • Monika MHz – Loud redhead. Tech and gear geek. DJ and Producer.
  • Jaime Garcia – A Musician/Composer who loves Astronomy, Science, Arts, Photography
  • Hadyn Godfrey – Freelance Musician, Trombonist, from New Zealand
  • Brandan Smith – Electronic Musician, Partakes in Remixes as well as originals
There you have it.  I’m sure many great artists have been left out.  That’s what the comment section is for below.