Impressive Google+ Growth Numbers, and Some Shocking Statistics

Although it seemed as though the growth rate of Google+ had recently declined, based on the Hitwise numbers from two weeks ago, it seems as though there is little wrong with the new social network’s growth rate.
We were just tipped off to the latest reports from Comscore, as well as an independent poll by The Christian Post, and frankly the numbers are quite impressive. According to Comscore, Google+ has received a total of 25 million unique visitors worldwide from it’s launch at the end of June, until July 24th. Out of those 25 million unique visitors, the United States accounted for approximately 6.4 million of them. That represents approximately 2% of the total US population, which certainly isn’t a bad reach for only being around for under a month at the time. Engagement on Google+ has also seen an increase in the week ended July 24th, with a gain of 11%.
A Separate poll conducted by The Christian Post indicated that 7.59% of people have closed their accounts at Facebook and joined Google’s new network. The results of the poll are as follows:
I have Google+, but still use Facebook mostly. 29.35%
I don’t have Google+, spend all my time on FB but am searching for a G+ invite. 16.39%
I use Google+ mostly and seldom use FB, an account I’ll close soon. 15.46%
I don’t use Google+ or FB. 11.54%
I have Google+, use it as much as Facebook. 11.47%
I migrated to Google+, Facebook account closed. 7.59%
I don’t have Google+, spend all my time on FB. No G+ migrate even if I had an invite. 8.19%
Although the poll may have been skewed towards people using Google’s social network, they still clearly indicate that Google is doing something right in the early going.