Conservative Hacker Helped FBI

One of the conservative security experts, being afraid that the Occupy Wall Street movement can appear the part of a conspiracy to overthrow the lizards, decided to help the authorities hunt down movement organizers.

Actually, few would have thought that it would have been difficult for the police to find Occupy Wall Street organizers. In fact, they are encamped in Wall Street and can be safely caught there. However, Thomas Ryan believes that the police really need more help and decided to lead a team named Black Cell, which goal is to discredit Occupy Wall Street. They do so by tracking the movement organizers’ social media accounts in particular. Thomas Ryan also claimed that he has done contract work for the American Army and is currently defending the globe from an anarchist conspiracy to disrupt world markets.

In his attempts to save the world from the anti-lizards, Ryan is reported to forward data to the police and FBI, as well as special agent Jordan Loyd, who has gone on record claiming that the movement in question represents a huge threat to the world’s financial system.
The only problem for Thomas Ryan appears to be that the Occupy Wall Street movement is benign. In fact, most of its emails turn out to relate to concerns about the need to increase participation in this protest. For example, in one case Ryan forwarded an email thread to special agent, containing plan of a demonstration outside NYPD headquarters. There the participants were discussing whether to crash an upcoming press conference scheduled by marijuana advocates. The issue was supposed to highlight the video of NYPD officer pepper-spraying one of the protesters. So, it seems that Thomas Ryan was telling outfits that they were planned to be targeted by protests. However, he denied being an informant and explained that he had sent the email thread to Loyd only because everyone was curious about the movement.

David Graeber, Occupy Wall Street organizer, in his turn claimed that the forums were just talking shops, because the real practical work was mostly done face to face, and there really wasn’t anything for Thomas Ryan to hack. The latter announced that his respect for the police stems from them risking their lives to save others’ property. He also noticed that the protesters were for some reason targeting only the cops with Black Ribbons, and is determined to find out why.