Wikileaks Stopped Publishing Leaks

Internet whistleblowing website Wikileaks has recently stopped publishing, apparently because the service has run out of money. The BBC confirmed that Wikileaks has suspended its publication of leaked documents and would turn to some profitable activities. Wikileaks admitted that it would focus on trying to raise some money for now.


The problem of Wikileaks is known to everyone – the fund raising of the online service is grinding to a halt after the American government leant on different financial institutions to prohibit them sending donations abroad. Wikileaks announced that it was suffering from a blockade by American-based financial institutions and its founder can’t do much because of being under home arrest for a while.

The owner of the service, Julian Assange, claimed that an arbitrary and illegal financial blockade had been imposed since last year by such financial institutions as Western Union, Bank of America, Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard. This turn of events quickly wiped out over 95% of the service’s revenue. Julian Assange explained that just as the Wikileaks’ operating costs had increased, the service had lost tens of millions of dollars. Meanwhile, it wasn’t Wikileaks' fault, but rather a global conspiracy of American finance corporations that had decided how the world votes with its pocket.

The company is now planning to aggressively fund-raise to be able to fight back against the financial blockade, according to Julian Assange. However, he didn’t specify what exactly Wikileaks is going to do to earn money and to what extent it is going to change its activities. Hopefully, they won’t start selling the US secrets to other governments!