Embed Facebook Videos in WordPress,Blogger or any Website | Facebook video

Facebook is one great website. Its one stop destination for all your social networking needs. You can almost do anything virtually here. Not to mention the fantastic  facebook video you get to share. What if you want to share those  facebook video on your website? Well here is how you do it.
Embeding YouTube videos is a lot easier than Facebook video. However, we are going to explain how easy it really is to embed Facebook video into any website.

Quick Steps to Embed Facebook Video in WordPress, Blogger or any Website:

    1. Find the Facebook video you are interested in
    2. Every video uploaded on Facebook has a unique ID that you can find in the browser’s address bar (look for the value of parameter “v”).
    3. Copy that number and replace it with xxx in the code below.

    Now you can put that code on any web pages and the video will play just fine.