Entertainment Industry Will Offer to Settle for $10

The latest media report revealed that the entertaining industry developed a new tactic, which includes sending out notification e-mails to suspected copyright violators in the United States. Such notifications are sent out by a law firm residing in Los Angeles. The outfit named Digital Rights Corps is currently informing the recipients that they might have to pay up to $150,000 because of their unauthorized activities. However, the company offers the Internet users to settle for just $10. The settlement is justified by a legal release that the infringers will receive from the rights holder.


The warning letters describe the dramatic situation and offer the recipients click on the provided link in order to login to the automated settlement system established by the law firm. At the system, the suspected infringers are able to settle for $10 per each case of infringement. As a result, they will get a legal release from the rights holder.

Local media were quite interested in the provided scheme, though it wasn’t entirely new. The difference is that earlier law firms suggested the infringers to settle for a far bigger amount. Digital Rights Corps’ representatives gave an interview, saying that they are currently monitoring file-sharing websites in order to obtain IP addresses of the suspected pirates. Internet service providers are afterward informed and advised to send settlement offers. Of course, Rightscorps takes its cut from those settlements, but during the interview they didn’t reveal how many of these settlements had already been made.

Although, as has been already said, it’s not the first time when the companies make use of such methods, up to date the $10 settlement model may be regarded as a very successful one. However, the legitimacy of this approach is still questionable.