Google Recognized as Most Attractive Employer

Google has again been dubbed the most attractive company to work for by over 160,000 respondents from all over the world. The list of the countries participating in the survey includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, India, and Russia.


The search giant has been ranked as the most attractive employer by management and engineering graduates. The survey was carried out by global employer branding company Universum, and the results showed that Google has been ranked at the top of the list the 3rd year in a row. The company pointed out that for the last 3 years it had seen Google leading the pack, which defines it as a strong player with a great talent strategy.

The second place of the list is taken by auditor KPMG, preferred by most B-Schools students, and IBM, chosen by engineering graduates. As for Microsoft, it is the third choice for engineering students. This pack is followed by BMW (line 4), Intel (line 5), Sony (line 6), Apple (line 7), General Electrics (line 8), Siemens (line 9) and Procter&Gamble (line 10).

Below the top10 most attractive employers there are HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Oracle, Nokia, and Dell. The researchers pointed out that the software industry is strongly dependent on its human capital, so they have to concentrate on efforts to attract and retain the best minds worldwide.

At the same time, the list of top employers for business students include PwC, Ernst & Young and Deloitte. B-Schools students also consider JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs as good places to work. You could also find Coca-Cola, Citi and PepsiCo in the list of wishes for business students. The researchers noted that today the talent market for business career-seekers is saturated by the professional services companies, because they are great places to start a career, and by companies offering a new working culture in a dynamic environment, because it is also motivating.

According to 2011 results, nowadays financial service companies like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are more attractive to career-seekers, while IT firms like Apple, Intel and IBM attract more business students. In a whole, the list is mostly comprised of American multinational companies. At the same time, Germany is the 2nd-most popular country in the ranking.