Galaxy S III available for preorder; sports a EUR599 price tag

It is sufficient to say that the world is eagerly awaiting the launch of the next flagship handset from Samsung and it is fair enough to say that this is the most anticipated product launch that does not come from Cupertino. Samsung has not yet announced the Galaxy S III but Amazon appears to have taken a little shine off the secrecy of the big announcement by putting up a page on their German website that allows one to preorder the smartphone.
The prooduct listing on Amazon
The product listing on Amazon

On the preorder page, Amazon has also listed a few specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The page does not show any image of the smartphone but it does detail the smartphone as having a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display, a 12 megapixel camera and running on the Android OS. The last bit of information is not surprising at all since the handset is expected to be released running the latest mobile operating system from Google, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, what comes as an interesting bit of information is the screen size and the camera capabilities. The reason this gets interesting is because a few days ago a Vietnamese website posted a video with what they claim is a hands on with the Galaxy S III. They also claim that the screen size is 4.6-inches as opposed to the 4.7-inch size shown off on the Amazon page. Another dissimilarity is that during the hands on with the product, the Vietnamese website stated that the smartphone sported an 8MP shooter and not a 12MP rear camera.

However, this may merely be a product listing page for the smartphone and the online retailer can change it when Samsung officially announces the smartphone. The website shows off the price of the handset as well with it being available for EUR599 which roughly translates to around Rs. 41,384. However, this smartphone may not sell in India at this price and may cost higher or lower depending on the fluctuations in the currency rate. 

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