Instagram for Android hits 10 million downloads in 22 days

Instagram launched for Android devices earlier this month and its download curve has been anything but slow. According to The Next Web, the photo editing and sharing application hit 10 million downloads in its first 22 days of existence on the platform. While it's no feat matching Angry Birds Space reaching 10 million downloads in three days, we're also only talking about one platform (Angry Birds Space reached that number across multiple platforms). The service itself is close to reaching 50 million users across all platforms, having hit the 40 million mark about two weeks ago and the 25 millionth mark back in March making it the biggest mobile only social network. When Kevin Systrom, creator of Instagram announced the availability of Instagram for Android coming soon at SXSW, he stated that the app had over 30 million users. Of course, the other big news in Instagram's recent history is its acquisition by Facebook. The social network bought the photo sharing service for a reported $1 billion and said that for the most part, they would not change Instagram's services too drastically.
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Enjoying success on the 'Droid

Instagram for Android has obviously had a fair deal of success, the certainty of which could be seen right when the application for Android launched. First of all, the application was teased repeatedly at multiple events like Le Web and SXSW before the application was launched. Less than a week after the app came out, it was updated to support more Android devices as well as to integrate new features. The upgrade opened up the app to Android tablets as well as wi-fi handsets and could be installed onto an SD card. To download the Instagram for Android application, go to Google Play, it's available for free.

Instagram has come a long way since launching as an iOS only photo sharing and editing app. While, for many users, Instagram is about sharing their experiences through their photos, for others, it's about making art through iPhone (and now of course, Android) photography. Among other such events, a London art gallery had an exhibit called "My World Shared" which featured the work of 30 photographers that belonged to a London group of Instagrammers. That theme meant to cover both facets of Instagram's services, sharing experiences through photos as well as making photos pretty. To read more on how you can supplement your Instagram experience to enhance your photos further, read our article on which additional apps you can use, for both, iOS and Android devices.