YouTube Brings 3D Videos To All Users [Updates]

Last year, YouTube added an experimental beta feature to its creator tools – 3D conversion. With this tool, any video creator could easily convert a video to 3D format with one click, and according to YouTube, hundreds of thousands have done so. This feature has now been expanded to include users, who can now convert certain 1080p videos into 3D whenever they wish.
The new 3D feature requires special glasses to be viewed properly, but if you own a pair, and find a compatible YouTube video, all you have to do is click the “3D” button next to the gear, or in some cases, click the gear itself and choose 3D from the quality options. This will automatically convert the video into 3D[4]
If you’re a fan of 3D, this is a great start, but in reality, I didn’t find many videos on YouTube that actually support this option. Even 1080p videos don’t always include the 3D option, but this might roll out slowly over the next few days.
In the mean time, you can enjoy this example given by YouTube for the new 3D feature. Don’t forget your 3D glasses, you may get a headache watching this without them!

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