China introduced a national AI plan to cultivate tech talent

China will launch a series of artificial intelligence (AI) projects and increase efforts to cultivate tech talent as part of a soon to announced national AI plan, the China Daily said on Friday, citing a senior official.

The country is focusing on AI as it is seen as a tool to boost productivity and empower employees, the paper said. China will roll out a slew of AI research and development projects, allocate more resources to nurturing talent and increase the use of AI in education, healthcare and security among other things, said Wan Gang, the minister of science and technology at a conference in Tianjin.

The plan will soon be released to the public, said Wan. China will build cooperation with international AI organizations and encourage foreign AI firms to set up research and development centers in the country, he added.

In an earlier report, it was said that for companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and possibly Samsung, artificial intelligence is almost the buzzword in the smartphone space as well. But as these systems get more powerful and begin to do more, there is a need to make sure that they are not used by authoritarian regimes and then target certain populations.
Reuters, Tech2