Fisker’s all-new, ultra-luxury Electric car with pictures

Legendary car designer Henrik Fisker released some new images today of the forthcoming EMotion, an ultra-luxury electric vehicle with a range of 400 miles and a top speed of 161 mph. The images more or less track with the rendering Fisker released last year: sleek, aerodynamic lines; a low-slung hood; and a tapered back end. But the designer’s company also revealed some new details about the car that could help revitalize Fisker’s reputation in the EV market.
With the release of these new images, Fisker Inc. still seems to be following the Tesla playbook to a T. The company says it will open up preorders at the end of June, at which point the vehicle will be sold directly through its website and forthcoming “experience centers.”

The promised range on the vehicle — 400 miles — is pretty impressive, considering it’s over 100 miles more than a top-of-the-range Tesla. Fisker says it’s able to achieve this thanks to the vehicle’s “advanced high-energy density, patent-pending battery pack and cooling system.” The vehicle will be charged through Fisker’s proprietary “UltraCharger” system, that the company claims will provide over 100 miles of range in just nine minutes of charging. By comparison, Tesla’s SuperChargers can replenish half the battery of a Model X in about 20 minutes.

And, of course, the Fisker EMotion will come with fully autonomous capabilities, the company says. “The front end’s bright aluminum centerpiece houses a LIDAR system behind a tinted screen. Side mirrors conceal two cameras, which enable panoramic, 360-degree views to the driver.” Other details, such as whether the vehicle’s autonomous features are best used on highways only or in urban environments as well, are still unknown. 


Fisker did announce a deal with the Hybrid Shop, a Santa Monica-based EV maintenance and repair company, to provide “a one-of-a-kind, white glove concierge service” for EMotion owners.

To be sure, Fisker’s promises don’t amount to much until we see the car in action. Fisker’s previous failure to capture the electric vehicle market may turn some consumers off. And with Tesla about to release the Model 3, and dozens of automakers racing to follow Elon Musk’s company into the mass-market space, it’s unclear how important another insanely expensive, ultra-luxury electric car still is today.