How to feel better about yourself......

 None of us are happy for ever. Just like time and tide, our moods also experience the high and the low. It’s natural for everyone to be down at times. Even when you are in your off-mood, you posses your entire potential can caliber that makes you unique. Something that nags you now is not going to last your life long. Its just a matter of time. We all are quite aware of all this and yet we feel devastated over things that are too simple.
You can remind yourself of your precious assets whenever you feel your time is tough. All or a majority of the following factors will undoubtedly be possessed by all:

Communicative ability- The ability to communicate is of course an asset. Your proficiency in a language (any language), will open before you limitless opportunities to gain knowledge.

Relationships- The relationships you have and the love you enjoy from others is definitely another asset. You can rely upon your loved ones when in troubled times and this will give a boost to your mood. It has also been observed that people with frequent mood swings are those with the least relationships.

Skills and abilities- Your skills and abilities are also the asset you can look upon when you are in blues. If you think you are a disaster, try listing your abilities on a paper and find how large the figure could go.

Worthy experiences- All your experiences whether good or bad, are your assets since you learned something or the other from each of it. The ability to judge or decide, that you attained in the light of your experiences is another huge asset. Now that you have a whole lot of assets, that should make you feel like a king, why should you be unhappy? If you still are, try some of the tips below to feel better.

Go for a walk- Walking is a yielding way to shed sadness. While walking don’t fix a destination, but simply walk as long as possible. It helps to release endorphins that can instantly give a better feeling. This habit will trigger your confidence as well as your energy levels.

Laugh out loud- Laughing out loudly is really beneficial, sometimes more than going out for a walk. Simply sit back and try to laugh. You shall not insist that there must be something funny to start laughing. It might not seem to be easy on the onset, but can make you feel better very soon.

Feast on your happy memories- Usually when people are sad, unhappy memories dominate their thoughts and feelings. As an effect nothing seems happy to them. So whenever you are off, try to think of the times when you were really happy and joyful. This would of course present things differently to you.

Visit places you like- Going out to a place you like is perfect for rejuvenation. The new experience will help you to have a relief from the tormenting memories at least for some time. It’s even better if you could take your family or friends with you.

Talk to your friends- Good friends are God’s gifts. You can rely on a good friend of yours to discuss your current situation and he would for sure, have something comforting for you.