The journey of life

The eyes so innocent, the smile so real
All of this fades away making it look surreal
The face so trusting, the heart so pure
Pull you back with all of its allure
Life seems beautiful and all as naive as you
But the fa├žade of this world makes you all rue
The world’s deception surrounded with illusions
Is it the root of your simplicity’s corrosion?
It all starts to clear when your first trust breaks
Then you hit reality and endure heart aches
Lifting the veil off humanity
Taking away with it, every part of your trust and honesty
Arriving to the conclusion
Surviving here means getting rid of this delusion
That human are untainted
And when you are acquainted
You change, from one of those who believe
To one of those who deceive
From one of those who were betrayed
To one of those who strayed
From one of those who cry
To one of those who lie
Initially it takes a lot of patience and tears
But experiences harden you up then on from what appears
Then you get to choose your own path of life
To become one suppressed or one who cuts like a knife