Don't Ever

Destiny divides when we want to walk (together),and you disappear when I wish to talk,see that something is always pulling you back (from me),it is all when i lack ,snatched away by my pleasure,left deep in pain that no one can measure,I search for you to find around,got used to see, that I am left with loneliness all around.I am left hurt & broken ,torn & lostbut I stay waiting to get my strength regained.hope deserts me when you act ignorant,though I try to stay tolerant,drenching me in sorrows every time,you behave indifferent with me most of the time.unable to figure out the reason for my tears shed outIs that not just coz of your behavior I doubtI don't even think of my pain buried,as that may let people blame and make you worried.your words deeds and ignorance that you bangcuts short my admiration that sprangreminding me for once and all thatI am just a no one to you owing nothing except solitude everywheresorted out to see that, your pain unseenwas the reason for the way u have beenbothering you lot more I knowwill try to soothe you from your pain, I owewhenever I tried to stay stubborn and stillmy love for you changed my willcouldn't help caring for you when I confrontcoz my heart has your name imprinthowever rude you behave to avoid methat much love encroaches to yecoz knowing you all,if I don't understand you and be by your side whoever will ?but for god sake I plead don't ever leave me stillmaking me an unwanted stranger once and for all.