Leave me not...!!!

The pain I could no longer hideand the things I wish to cry out loudI hate this fate and I really mean it ,washing away all my pleasure like a filthy tideletting me broken and scream aloud" I am gonna miss you,I am gonna miss you&I am gonna miss you."Unsecured is this lifeacted upon by the fate and destinyhurting hard and deep than a knifekilling the victims of this playwhen attempted to be rescued unhurtpity my life for being a part(of this play)coz I am locked to death,if tried to come out of this relation with a dart.Nevertheless I know we'l be unknowndespite, I dream to own you for my own.Bliss or bane is what I am left withunable to judge this blasphemyI sort you to help me outand let us happy in the relation we wound upmaking things clear in what all I doubt(like)why this fate did crop upleading to our unexpected meetlifting us high to the unknown summit.I am left with all the sicknesswhen I am reminded of the quickness (in time)approaching us nearer and neareralarming us that we'l for sure go farther and fartherinsecure,unprotected,uncovered,unrescued and unhelpedin the dark I searched and yelledis this a bliss or bane!!!!darn this thing I hate to facebless me you, and turn it to blissfor I love you.......to say,more than my lifewaiting for your heart to echo this love back, dearsince this was all I live for, to hearbut my soul struggles gasping for your presenceand yells nothing but "leave me not".