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Very few but strong predictions about Android are spreading, worldwide.
Firstly, Android is going to be bigger in terms of consumer reach than its rival, the iPhone OS. Its just because of a true
fact that it will be developed and marketed by all the 50 members of OHA, which includes companies like Google,Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile, Motorola, Vodafone, Sprint, China mobile and other world leaders in telecommunication industry.
Android Phone ShareSecondly, Google's support will make everything possible in this Internet era, but up to now, they hadn't started making money from their Android-based activities.On the other hand, by 2012, apart from Symbian and Android, iPhone will target its 
businesses development towards its rival, the Blackberry in their segment. But predictions say that, Android is completely made for mass market, and its lack of business features (Unlike, Winslow Mobile and Blackberry, while both them has business exchange compatibility and PC-Synchronization features) will create new chances for its rivals.
According to Gartner, Android’s smartphone market share will grow to 14 percent from less than 2 percent by 2012, and the 
Symbian’s slide will continue, giving way to Android. That kind of historical performance by Android would mirror the Apple iPhone's rule. The firstgeneration iPhone was launched in 2007, in the U.S. and immediately, it took the world by storm. On its 
release, the iPhones grabbed a good 11% of the smartphone market share in the first quarter of 2009 and continued to expand day by day. But the predictions about Android’s gathering momentum, will overtake Apple in just 2 years.
Almost all handset vendors are trying to board the Android's bandwagon, while the Google has effectively grown a massive android developer's community, and also, Android is backed by the America’s largest mobile network carrier, the T-Mobile.
Third, is the great Job Opportunities in Android platform. The Mobile applications platform already provides huge job 
opportunities in the current IT field. The new popular Android Mobile platform is now used by many mobile manufactures and 
released 3G Mobiles day by day. However as we mentioned that, Android will be used in many other applications and so the job opportunities increased from end of 2008 in both Android Mobile applications development and Hardware solutions like preparing Android customization/optimization, prepare BSP, Device drivers, Porting into many Architecture,.etc We are expected the demands for Android developers will be increased rapidly.
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