It is raining outside-not happy

Hike in the price of gold-not happy

Apartments lift is not working – not happy

Clock in the office is slow by 5mins- not happy

Neighbors bought plasma TV- not happy

No curry leaves while cooking- not happy

Power cut while watching a favorite show- not happy

Sister gets best student award- not happy

Nose itches when both hands are full with mehandi- not happy

House maid bunks work- not happy

Houseful board is put when you are the next person to get ticket- not happy

Public holiday comes on a Sunday- not happy

Crow shits on your favorite dress- not happy

Friend wins a lottery worth 1lakh- not happy



Seems like-there is nothing in the world that makes you happy!

Yes! nothing!

Nothing can make you happy!

You have got to make yourself happy!

Stop craving for what you are not…..feel happy for what you are and what you are gifted with!

Satisfaction is the secret of happiness!