Top 10 Skin Queries Answered

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We spend hours in the parlour for the right look, empty our pockets for the right cream, or even go in for treatments for the right glow.  There’s no denying the fact that we’ll do anything to get perfect skin, won’t we?  So we got skin expert Dr. Apratim Goel to answer some of the most common skin queries. 

1. How does one deal with stretch marks?
Stretch marks can be reduced by applying retinoic acid cream at night and stretch away cream in the morning after bath. Treatments like retinoic acid peel, pixel laser and dermaroller has also been successfully used in stretch mark reduction. You need to consult a dermatologist for treating stretch marks. 
2. I have many pimples on my skin. What should I do?
Pimples are a medical issue. If you have had pimples for a very long time, you need to see a skin doctor because medicine is needed for your conditions. If you delay  the treatment your condition will become permanent. So hurry!!! For pimple marks you can use the Depiwhite or Kojic oint on scars at night. Use the dewsoft lotion on full face at night for moisturising your skin and making it glow.
3. How do I get rid of facial hair?
No other permanent solution is available other than laser. There are newer lasers like Soprano Super hair removal which are totally painless and leave no scars. Laser hair removal is the only way to remove hair permanently. You must visit a reputed dermatologist for complete hair removal with laser.

4. I have dark patches on some areas of my body. Is there any way to get rid of them? 
You will require a series of peels at regular intervals along with sunscreen in the morning and Ban a Tan oint at night. You can even do laser treatments for skin lightening called Medlite. If you have un-even skin tone on your face, use the niltan cream at night and sunscreen during the day. 

5. I have very prominent dark circles. How can I get rid of them?
Dark circles may not go away permanently as they are caused due to many factors. Apply kojic oint at night to lighten them. Take care of your lifestyle, eat healthy food and exercise. You may consider consulting a dermatologist for your dark circles. 

6.How do I treat tanned skin?
Tanning is usually a skin tendency. Start taking the tablet Imedeen twice daily. You can also use sunscreen on daily basis. For home remedy, a massage with grated radish (muli) will also help.

7. I am in my late 20s. Can u give me tips on skin care?

This is a good age to start intensive skin care. Follow the following:
  • Use the vichy oligo foam for washing the face
  • Use a good sunscreen like Clarins or Neutrogena daily in the morning
  • Use makeup remover Demaq, from Loreal
  • Apply a good night cream from Sebamed on a daily basis.
  • Get a cleanup/facial done once a month

8. I have a lot of blackheads on my face. Is there any home remedy for it?

There is no home remedy besides steaming. You can use besan with lemon juice to scrub, but extraction will be required. So, I suggest you do a cleanup at a professional place. Also apply yugard skin oint at night on area affected by blackheads.

9. My facial skin has a lot of open pores. What can I do?
For open pores no creme will works. Toner may help to some extent. But for better results fractional lasers work well, spaced at monthly intervals.

10. What is the way to handle oily skin?

Use Fash foaming face wash to wash the face and use a water-based moisturiser. You can use Veil moisturiser sunscreen during the day and if your skin is still oily you may require a Vit A supplement but this has to be taken under medical supervision.