39 Youtube Producers on Google+

If you are on Google+, then you likely also use Youtube, at least a little, right?  Well, thanks to  , we have been able to come up with a list of the top YouTube.com video producers, and their Google+ accounts.  Personally I made a special circle for “Youtubers,” and when I’m bored I just go through the stream to get hours of entertainment.

Crazy Clip Producers
+Freddie Wong (freddiew + freddiew2)
+Joe Penna (MysteryGuitarMan + jp)
+Julian Smith (juliansmith87)
Comidy / Video blogers
+Andre Meadows (Black Nerd) (BlackNerdComedy)
+Anthony Padilla (smosh + IanH)
+Carrie-Lee Touhey (AskCarrieLee)
+Ceciley Jenkins (ceciley)
+Denise Vlogs (DeniseVlogs + DeniseActuallyVlogs)
+Duke Powell (DukePowell)
+Gregory Onision (Onision + OnisionArchive + OnisionEncore + OnisionSpeaks)
+Karen Alloy (spricket24 + karen24alloy)
+Kassem G (KassemG + KassemGtwo)
+Matthew Brown (swiftkaratechop)
+Matthew Santoro (MatthewSantoro + MatthewSantoro2)
+Michael Mozart (JeepersMedia + TheToyChannel)
+Nathan Barnatt (nathanjbarnatt)
+Ray William Johnson (RayWilliamJohnson)
+Sara Parker (DeliriumReal)
+Vincent Cyr (Cyr1216 + iamcyr)
Musicians / Artist
+Chris Thompson (supricky06)
+Daria Musk (DariaMusk)
+DeStorm Power (DeStorm)
+DJ Monopoli (TeraBrite)
+Jamie Rain (AwakenRain + redflufflykins)
+Lena Danya (LenaDanya)
+Jeri Ryan (inkrediboy)
+Sabrina Abu-Obeid (TeraBrite)
Relationship advice
+Laci Green (lacigreen + thelacepaste)
+Skyy John (skyyjohn + SkyyJohn2)
+Gaby Montero (OMGFactsOfficial)
+Michael Buckley ( + peron75)
+William Hyde (TheWillofDC)
How to / Lifestyle
+Dylan Hart (indymogul)
+Keith McElwain (KeithMcElwain)
+Paige Piskin (littlemisspaigexxx)
+Rob G (Docextreme1)
+Shira Lazar (partnersproject)
Behind the scenes
+Margaret Healy
+Sarah Evershed
As always, please add to the list in the “comments” section below.