Facebook and Twitter to be tied into BBM

Research in Motion seems to be working on tying in Facebook and Twitter applications into its ever popular BBM for BlackBerry users. According to the Mobile Indian, BlackBerry users have already been able to connect BBM to other applications, but this direct connect between BBM and the two popular social networks will offer greater convenience. RIM, however, has made no statement on the matter. The way RIM's 'secret' is out without an official statement is N4BB found a version of Twitter that seemed to be BlackBerry connected. A Twitter user,@CrackBerry also found an updated Twitter and Facebook application for their BlackBerry device that seemed to be BBM connected. It is also reported that the connected Facebook and Twitter applications will not be out of the box features.
Facebook and Twitter to be more integrated
Facebook and Twitter to be more integrated

With Twitter being connected to BBM, BlackBerry users will be able to share tweets to other BBM users as well as groups. BlackBerry users will additionally be able to do auto BBM personal message updates using tweets. Connecting these applications to BBM makes sense and almost makes you wonder why RIM hasn't done this already. However, analysts do say that RIM has been actively working on inter-connectivity of applications with BlackBerry Messenger. The first app to be added to BBM was BBM Music, which was grouped as an e-commerce app. It also acts as a music social network where friends of users who have BBM music are added.

RIM got into its own spot of Twitter trouble recently. Their Bold Heroes campain didn't work as well as they had hoped. 

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