Google will pay you to part with your privacy

Precisely that. Although not in hard cash, Google will pay you $25 for a year. Condition? You will have to participate in their new Screenwise project and as a part of it let them track your web browsing habits. Google has only revealed details on their Screenwise project, which is an attempt by the search giant to delve deeper into the average user's mind and understand their Internet usage behaviour, which in turn would help them to make the required changes to their existing way of working and align better with the user.

Interested? (Image source: DigitalTrends)
Interested? (Image source: DigitalTrends)

So, if you're above 13 years of age, and don't mind Google keep a track of the websites you access, and definitely not mind some freebies, then Screenwise is just your thing. However, as mentioned above, Google will give you these $25 as Amazon Gift cards, and not cash. Explaining this further, Google states, "Our panel management partner, Knowledge Networks, will give you a $5 Gift Card code instantly when you sign up and download the Google Screenwise browser extension. Then you’ll get additional $5 Gift Card codes every three months for staying with it.It's our way of saying "Thank you.""

Google has surely made heads turn with its latest project, for the simple reason that they're asking their users to part with their privacy, while they give them some cool freebies. Are you interested? If yes, Screenwise's waiting for you, here.