INFOGRAPHIC : How To Create An Infographic

Here at, we get lots of infographic submissions sent to us on a regular basis. Some fall under the category “EXCELLENT!” while a lot others get deleted right away.  A lot also falls into the middle category which I like to call the “meh” category (thank you Lisa and Bart Simpson).
The fact is that creating a quality infographic is not an easy task and not everyone can do it properly.  It takes design skills, time, a good computer program and patience to get it just right.  Unfortunately not everyone has those qualities and so as a result, a lot of infographics end up in the email trash bin.  But done properly, an infographic can be a really beautiful and informative thing, a feast on the eyes.
Our infographic today comes courtesy of DIY Blogger and it shows you the 7 steps necessary to make a good infographic that people will want to look at.  All you Mac fans out there will be pleased to hear that the first recommendation is not to make an infographic on a Windows computer but on a Mac instead.
What do you think of the infographic?  Do you think it’s correct that infographics can’t be made on a Windows computer?  Have you ever made your own infographic before? If so, did you follow the rules set out in the infographic?  If not, how did you do it?  How easy or difficult was it?  Tell us all about it in the comments below.
Click on infographic for a larger version