INFOGRAPHIC : The World Of Online Shopping

I remember when I was a child that every Saturday was shopping day.  My mum would take my brother and I to this huge shopping center where we would get what we needed and then go for lunch before heading home. This was the 1980′s, a time when there was no Internet and the only way you could buy what you wanted was to go out to the shops and get it yourself.
Fast forward 30 years and the situation has completely changed.  Now the Internet is King and everyone is buying their items online, turning online shopping into a major industry in itself.  Amazon rules in a lot of areas but there is still room for other heavy hitters such as supermarkets who offer home delivery for groceries, eBay for that hard to find item and Groupon for that last minute unbelievable deal.  You can download a lot of stuff too – all that’s needed is a fast Internet connection, some patience and a credit card.  The shopping experience has been turned upside down and it’s bricks and mortar stores that are suffering as a result.
Our infographic today comes courtesy of Grovo and it displays some staggering figures such as the total amount spent online in 2010 ($143 billion!), the rising influence of mobile phones in online shopping, who dominates which retail sector, and finally what kinds of stuff people tend to buy the most online.
Let us know what you think of it. How much of your stuff do you buy online?  Do you ever go out to a “real shop” anymore or is everything bought on a computer with a credit card?  How do you see online shopping progressing in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.