Why Indian brands can’t ignore social media anymore! – Infographic

Social media is gathering momentum rapidly. Based on the current rate of growth and the intention of online Indians to participate in social media, the study estimates that over the next six months 45,000 online Indians intend to join social networking sites each day.
A recent research study by Nielsen says, When asked about the awareness of brands on social media, a fourth of online Indians were able to recall brands using social media. Of those consumers who are on social networking sites, a small but growing number claim to be following brands on these platforms.
This indicates that no single brand ‘owns’ the social media space and that the opportunity to become a ‘social’ brand is overwhelming. Having a social media presence connotes ‘innovation’ ‘customer friendliness’ and a sense of ‘cool’.
Today we have an infographic from My Black Bean which gives a clear idea on Why Indian brands can’t ignore social media anymore! -

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