Google Inspirator Launched New Search Engine

An Italian developer wants to speed up Internet searches by launching his own service. This story is about an Italian computer professor known for inspiring Google, who has recently launched a new search engine and social media network, which he believes will challenge the American technology giant.

The search engine, called “Volunia”, allows Internet users to look at bits of particular sites and find the subject of interest much more quickly than other services. In addition, Volunia also allows visitors to chat with registered Internet users who might be looking at the same web pages.

The creator of the new search engine, Massimo Marchiori, works in the University of Padua. Padua is an Italian city resembling Venice a little, just without water in the streets. Massimo Marchiori invented the algorithm for the web page ranking service known as “HyperSearch” back in the 1990s. He also used to teach at MIT, and is referred to as a kind of a hero in his home country, since he came back home from the United States, where he has been earning a bomb. In Italy, he is being paid scanty wage of only 2,000 euros a month. Maybe he was just missing the food.

During the interview with the Italian press, Marchiori explained that the functions available on Volunia today are going to become normal on all the largest search engines like Yahoo and Google. Meanwhile, the new search engine features a copyright of the United States, and was only launched to selected users this past Monday. The site creator promised that the engine would be rolled out more widely and in a dozen languages, including English, Arabic, Japanese, and even Russian in the nearest future. Volunia is expected to be funded by selling advertising space.