Leaked images of the next iPod Nano with camera and clip surface

There are very few occasions when leaked images of Apple’s hardware pop up online and at the times they do everyone stands up to take notice. Apple has been known as a brand very adept at keeping their announcements secrets, before the scheduled date and this results in highly successful product announcements. The latest bit of information comes from an Apple related site, MacRumors who have stumbled upon the images of the seventh generation iPod Nano through Taiwanese site, Apple.pro. The leaked images that were discovered have been found to show off something that we expected to see last year - the Nano was said to feature a camera. However, the iPod Nano did not receive a design refresh leading many people to believe that plans regarding the change in looks may have been scrapped. However, as per the images, we see the outer shell of the Nano and this time around it features the familiar clip, which was found on the sixth generation model and it also features a camera.
Could we expect this added to the next iPod Nano?
Could we expect this added to the next iPod Nano?

There have been rumours and indications about Apple launching their next Nano with a camera. However, what differentiates this from the previous rumour is that the iPod Nano would not feature a clip instead the camera would be flushed against the body at the back. With the latest news, the leaked image shows the camera protruding out of the body and flushing with the clip of the portable music player. The report goes on to state, “The design would allow Apple to squeeze a camera into the current diminutive form factor of the iPod Nano by moving much of the lens and sensor hardware outside of the main casing but still within the overall device envelope by utilizing a small portion of the gap between the device and the clip.”

Additionally, a patent filed by Apple in 2009 suggested that the brand was interested in adding a camera to the iPod Nano, offering it an environmental sensor that would help in generating screen savers as well as other content pertaining to the environment of the device, such as the weather. 

There is no concrete information regarding this latest rumour about the iPod Nano and it could well may be an Apple prototype that did not get to see the light of day.