AMD sets Guiness world record, pushes Bulldozer to 8.429 GHz

The days of tiny 10 and 20 percent overclocks are gone. AMD has gone ahead and overclocked the Bulldozer processors to a ridiculous speed of 8.429 GHz. The overclocking feat took place in Austin, Texas. The last record was at 8.309 GHz. Before the test, AMD had sent across processors to Sami MÓ“kinen, a well-known overclocker from Finland. There were some tests done to gauge the ability of the processors. Once the best of the lot that could manage to go beyond the 8GHz barrier were identified, they were put to test. 


From the video, it’s clear that AMD used an ASUS motherboard and there’s plenty of liquid nitrogen being used for this experiment. Temperatures dropped to well under -200 degree C. They also used liquid helium to drop temperatures to some extreme levels. The HWBot logs show the motherboard used to be the ASUS Crosshair V Formula based on AMD’s 990FX chipset and the processor to be the FX-8150, which is the Zambezi desktop processors. Unfortunately, there were benchmark scores and numbers posted by the overclockers. A 1200W power supply, Corsair’s Dominator GT memory kit and a standard Radeon 6570 GPU were used on this overclocking rig. The video shows Windows 7 running under stable conditions through the test.