Are you sure you are in the right job?

Bollywood Movie CorporateWell, it may be a trifle late to be discussing this issue right now, especially when you have snuggly adjusted to your current job.
Normally one thinks about the million dollar right career question when freshly out of College or during Freshman year.
Then we take up what comes our way on the basis of our rudimentary inclinations with the least idea of what course will future take. If you feel time for some self introspection has come, that pertains directly or indirectly to your job or career then start searching for the answers this moment.

Job satisfaction

Perhaps this is the most clich├ęd phrase in the career scenario, but an important one at that. Understand that job satisfaction is very crucial and stems from many different elements like interest in the work assigned, skills, strengths etc.

Skills Vs Strengths

Look for job where your skill and strength are capitalized upon in tandem with each other. Your interest may lie in doing something else, while you may be best at performing an entirely different task. Recognize each of them and see if your job provides adequate opportunities for growth in each of them.

Optimum utilization

If you think your skills are not getting the needed exposure, talk to your employers at the earliest and see what they can do about it.

All round development

Your job should conform to your personality, ethics and personal principles. At the end of the day, it is not only about safety, skill, security and salary. If your job is at loggerheads with your values, then it is unlikely that some milestone achievements will be gained by you.

Feeling trapped?

The beckon light is your feeling trapped in your job. Remind yourself the context of it, capitalize upon your current situation and make the most of the available opportunities.