New Facebook attack on the way

a protest group will force facebook to be as open as with its information, which the company expects users to be with their private information on social networks.

one group of young people who don't believe that happens are from from Austria who do not like facebook is behind this action

see more here Website INVITES all who are concerned with the various data facebook collects its data .they hope people will be using the European data protection rules. The goal is to force Facebook to open with the way the collect data.

they hope all will contact facebook which has European headquarters in Ireland and ask them to send data and prints that facebook save about you.

the Austrians students accuse facebook to store information about user even if they have. delete there facebook.they are concerned that Facebook also collects information elsewhere on the Web
without caring about people.

one of the students have even turned to facebook and got a knowing that his information contained 1200 pages for the 3 years he has spent on facebook.if you ask for your details they have 40 days to come up with the impormation.facebook argue that the many impormation on, for example liked the business is secret ect. is their Property. again one of the many reasons I am not and will never use facebook