Not A Love Story: Girl throws acid on boyfriend; Revenge?

New Delhi map
New Delhi, Sep 5: India has been witnessing several stories where a boy throws acid on a girl after being rejected love or over a love failure. But this time, a girl grabbed the headlines after throwing acid on her boyfriend in a shopping mall in broad daylight in Delhi.

The 24-year-old girl, Arti allegedly wanted to take revenge on her 27-year-old boyfriend, Vinit after being spurned. Arti has been taken under police custody.

According to the police, "Arti and Vinit had been friends for five years. Arti wanted to get married and had proposed the idea to Vinit many times. He, however, did not take it seriously."

"A few days ago, she again talked about marriage but Vinit spurned her advances. She then called Vinit near Cross River Mall on some pretext and while talking to him, took out the acid bottle and hurled it on him," informed the police.

The victim, who received almost 44 percent burn injuries, currently has been admitted in GTB hospital for treatment and doctors informed that his condition is still critical.