Facebook to speak your language now

Facebook is reportedly working on a way to make communication more easy and inviting on its platform. With a user base of a whopping 750 million or so, Facebook has people from across the globe interacting and networking with each other. Although, English as a common medium binds the communication on Facebook, some with different language sensibilities find it difficult to converse. To tackle this now Facebook will introduce an option to 'Translate'. This means that Facebook's wide user base can have the popular social networking platform 'speak their language', quite literally. 
Communicate without the language barrier (Image source: Inside Facebook)
Communicate without the language barrier (Image source: Inside Facebook)

Although, 'Translate' is being expected to roll out uniformly across the platform soon, there is uncertainity on the current status of the testing of the same. According to a report on Inside Facebook, a certain section of users could see a 'Translate' option in their comments box, placed next to the 'Like' option. On clicking 'Translate', the language in which the comment was originally written in gets translated to the user's profile language (i.e. the default language they've set). Once the translate language appears, the 'Translate' option in the comments section is replaced by 'Original', clicking which would bring it back the original language in which the comment was written. 

Uniform activation of this service could mean users having access to pages written in languages other than their own and viewing it easily. Also, keeping the social angle in mind, users can have friends across boundaries, because communication will no longer be an issue.

What do you think about this new feature?