How to Make Mobile Communication Safe

In our days people rely on mobile devices to access the web, look for different information and keep in touch with family and friends. That’s why it is so important to know how to behave online, how to manage your Internet reputations and how to put your personal safety on the first place when communicating on a mobile device.

First of all, think twice before sharing a thought or a picture. Think about your colleagues, grandmother, or teacher receiving them. Are you sure that what you’re sharing is suitable for anyone to see? Then it is highly recommended to protect your personal data. So, when you send something like emails, messages, pictures or instant messages to someone who isn’t a trusted friend or a member of your family, never disclose any personal data that may be used either to figure out your physical location or to exploit you.

It is also recommended to control negativity and think twice about who deserves to communicate with and who doesn’t. A number of Internet services allow you to block visitors. In case you have received any abusive or harassing messages on the Internet, you should report the abuse where and when you saw it.

Another advice is to use filters. For example, a few browsers have filters that help keep inappropriate material out of your search results. Although there are no filters in the world that are able to guarantee you 100% removal of unwanted content, they can still make a great difference to keeping inappropriate material out of your search results.
When it comes to downloading things, most of the troubles with security begin. Educated netizens will never download software from unknown and unchecked sources. If you download applications from 3rd parties, you should make sure they are only from developers you trust. Before clicking “I agree” and installing, read their terms of service and privacy policies carefully in order to fully understand what permissions you are giving the developers when downloading their software.

One more thing about security – not online, but on the road: never text while driving. Remember that you put your own life and the lives of others in danger when you try to do several things, like reading, typing and driving, simultaneously. That’s why texting and driving is against the law in many countries.