Russian Hacker Made $3,000,000 with Botnet

According to the latest media reports, it has been recently uncovered how far one of the online criminal’s reach went. An individual in his 20s, somewhere in the Russian Federation, used a bunch of criminal toolkits to help him earn money, which resulted in attacking more than 90 countries and stealing $3.2 million in only six months.


The security experts believe that Soldier employed a network of money mules, as well as had an accomplice presumably residing in the states. Overall, since this past January, the hacker has been pocketing $17,000 per day. This is what threat researcher Loucif Kharouni pointed out in his research, describing the antics of some Russian hacker known online as Soldier. The hacker was using SpyEye and ZeuS binaries and blackhat SEO in his illegal activity across the Internet. He allegedly traded in traffic with a number of other hackers online, employing various malware to extract money from multiple accounts (most of them located in the United States) and steal security credentials. The most interesting part of this story is that it wasn’t just ordinary people’s dodgy attachments that had been hit by the malware – we are talking about high security organizations and American corporations being among those hit.

All in all, the hacker has successfully infected over 25,000 systems from April to June, which may appear good for Microsoft’s push in making users to upgrade, since most of the victims used Windows XP on their computers. However, around 4,500 Windows 7 machines also took the hit, according to the results of