Wikileaks Founder’s Content Leaked

A person known as the one fighting extradition to Sweden on “unexpected sex” charges is furious about the fact that some British publisher began leaking drafts of his autobiography, while Assange haven’t approved that.


The media reports that the situation is ironic enough: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is mad that Canongate from Edinburgh began releasing drafts of Assange’s autobiography to the great unwashed. Wikileaks founder said that the book itself is a raw work in progress, so the only reason for the publisher to release the unfinished work is to profiteer from an erroneous draft.

In respond, Canongate explained that Julian Assange used to work with a ghostwriter, but then he for some reason backed out and made attempts to cancel his contract. Nevertheless, since the publisher was paid a 6-figure amount of money for the autobiography and not repaid it, Canongate took a decision to release the first draft received in March. Julian Assange, in his turn, accused Canongate of trying to profit from his work and acting against the conditions of their contract. Besides, Assange pointed out that the publisher made personal assurances that the unfinished work wouldn’t be released without his permission.

In its statement, the publisher confirmed that in the early summer 2011, with almost forty publishing houses around the globe ready to publish the autobiography, Julian Assange tried to cancel the contract in question. But in the process it turned out that he had already spent his advance on his attorneys and his legal bills settlement.

This turn of event left no choice for Canongate but to honor the contract with Assange and publish the draft of the book. As soon as the paid advance is earned out, the publisher will start paying Assange royalties, as it is stipulated in the contract. As you can see, everything is made in accordance with the terms of the contract and it is not the publisher who violates it, but Wikileaks founder. You can also see that the publisher can’t profit more than he expected from releasing the book.

The book is telling how Julian Assange grew up in Australia and how he became interested in computers. It is not clear what can be so upset about the book, unless he confessed to be raised by kangaroos or trained by the CIA, especially considering that he received a six-figure amount of money that he doesn't want to give back.