Google Street View now treats you with World Wonders

That inconspicuous seating area in your room, where you're plonked facing your computer is all set to virtually transform into being your window to the world, as Google's popular service, Street View now brings numerous world wonders to the convenience of one's computer screen. 

Users will now have the opportunity to see the many world wonders they’ve always wanted to but have been restricted either by the lack of time or sufficient money - by just taking their pick either by choosing locations or by browsing through themes. As is with their Street View technology, Google will allow users to virtually navigate through lanes in and around the several world heritage sites. Users can begin with picking their location - Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America, and/or choosing themes of their choice, which may include - Archaeological sites, Architecture, Cities & Towns, Historic sites, Monuments and Memorials, Palaces & Castles, Parks & Gardens, Places of Worship, Regions & Landscapes and Wonders of Nature.

What is the World Wonders Project?

Through their World Wonders Project, Google ,along partners - UNESCO, the World Monuments Fund and Cyark, the World Wonders Project aim to preserve the world heritage sites for future generations. In addition to bringing you virtually close to the world heritage site of your choice, the project bundles it along with some really useful information about the location that the user is currently viewing, while also sufficiently backing it by photographs and videos. The photographs section for every location also features user images, in addition to including other featured images, while the videos section in every location features user videos. Needless to add, the ability to view heritage sites, right there in the comforts of one's computer will prove to be indispensable for both students and teachers, alike, helping them conduct a more rich teaching experience. 

Google's Street View services have been among its most controversial ones, and it faced stiff resistance from several major nations, worldwide, including India. That, however isn't deterring the service from being popular and widely used. The service found new admirers in Japan, who once refused to let the service in the country, when Google introduced their Person Finder tool when disaster struck the country. The Street View cars then navigated through the ravaged streets of Japan and five months later returned with scores of digital images depicting the extent of the damage caused, and how bravely the locals tried to bring normalcy to their lives.

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