HTC and Microsoft in partnership to build Windows Phone 8 devices

Over the last few days, there has been a lot of talk surrounding HTC’s partnership with Microsoft and this fact  was highlighted with HTC's absence when a range of Windows 8 tablets were recently announced at Computex 2012. Sources had informed a news publication that HTC would not develop Windows RT aka Windows 8 tablets as they haveinsufficient experience in making tablets. However, HTC later on replied to that post stating that they are committed to future versions of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform more than ever. With Microsoft recently announcing their latest smartphone platform, HTC has now reaffirmed their partnership with the brand and have issued a statement saying that they will introduce Windows Phone 8 handsets to the market later this year.
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HTC set to roll out Windows Phone 8 handset later this year

As per the statement, HTC have pledged its ongoing support to Microsoft by backing the new Windows Phone 8 platform. Building on the two companies’ long mobile partnership which dates back to 2000 and includes more than 40 million phones sold, HTC will be bringing new Windows Phone 8 smartphones to market later this year.

“HTC is committed to Windows Phone more than ever and we are excited to be bringing new Windows Phone 8-enabled smartphones to customers later this year,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation.  “With the introduction of Windows Phone in 2010, Microsoft initiated a new powerful mobile ecosystem with a consumer experience that was both unique and user friendly.”

“We have seen great momentum for Windows Phone since its launch in 2010, with 100,000 apps now in the Marketplace”, said Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone at Microsoft. “HTC is one of our closest partners and we share a common goal in driving people-centric innovation, which makes it easy to work together. We can’t wait to see how HTC brings Windows Phone 8 to its product portfolio”.

From the looks of it, it appears that HTC and Microsoft are stronger than ever and with the wave of Windows Phone 8 smartphones set to be introduced later this year, one can expect HTC to be amongst the first to unveil a handset.