Pinterest Facts Every Pinterest User Must Know

Pinterest, what is it? Well, it is a kind of visual image plus video social book marking site. Also, you can think about this as online pin boards or albums, whereas people could pin things that they want and like to share for others enjoyment. However, there are very interesting facts about Pinterest as well.

Why Pinterest is Interesting?

The program is filled of different people who’re passionate about attractive designs, quality, visual appealing, and quality images and photos.
It is a good place also to share video which are on its own sections where you could share the videos from YouTube, if Pinterest like them you pinned, the video can be re pin or can be like on its own boards. You could setup boars as well where other could pin and collaborate on board’s particular topic.
Pinterest Facts
Besides, it also gets traffic to the normal site. Each image is connected to the website where it originally came from, thus if the user clack the picture it will land to the first pin page, though if they click the image in the page, it will take you in your site.
So, there’s a great potential to drive more traffic in the site. If ever you add this you already have strong traffic attracting potential with the facts that the user activity is reflected as well in the linked Twitter or Facebook account.

How to Get Started with Pinterest?

You only have to visit, though you cannot just sign up since it’s presently invitation site. If you get the invitation access, you’ll be presented along the variety of Pinterest boards theme. Just click in the offered selection, you may change the text and titles later. Then, you’re taken goodies page for you to add ‘pin-it’ key in the browser.
The fun will start. First you must make a board where you could upload your pins. Be sure that you provide good names on it and opt for the proper categories so you can help people find their interested topics. If ever you put in the pin, enter URL of your site where image is situated. Click find image button to choose the picture you like to pin.
With this, you can add as well the images in other Pinterest board, to drive guests in the board. It is known as repining, and as easy as hovering ended the picture and hitting the re pin button.

Great Aspect of Pinterest

One great aspect of Pinterest is its following option. Simply, you could follow particular people or board and the home page would change evenly as it update the content. For getting through Pinterest, the use hit follow all key in the profile and in the particular Pinterest board, you’ll find Follow key on top of board.
To sum this all, you can make a contests where Pinterest user will get something like gift certificates or badges from sharing the boards or images. So as you see it, there’s no limit in your creativity. Along with that, you can drive traffic in your site as well. (Via Smashingeeks)