Resume of Nandamuri Balakrishna

Balakrishna Nandamuri 

Phone: +910000000000


Career Object 
 : To make the audience run away from theaters. 

Preofessio'nil' Experience 
·           30 years in Telugu Industry.   
           Junior Artist - 1974 (with 1 hit, 9 flops)   
           Side role- 1979(14 flops)   
           Lead role- 1986- till date( 4 hits, 44 flops)

Acting Skills:

·           Stop Moving Trains, Killing People with Cocks(Palnati brahmanaidu),   
           Climbing Mt. Everest with out any Help (Vijayendra varma),   
           Shooting a bullet from mouth (Allari pidugu),   
           Playing with current (Okka magadu), etc.
Expected CTC:  Min. 5 crores for each film 

World Record, Limca Record and Pepsi Record in flops 

Role Model: 
My Self and Captain Vijayakanth,the Telugu Tiger of Tamil Nadu 

Project Details 

Bike riding on ground to running Train and go to Pakistan from India with Parachute only. 
Climbing any mountain with hands. 
Pulling chair front and sending train back
Leadership Skills:
·           Led 12564 hens and cocks to attack the enemies and won the battle.
Special Attraction: 
1. Shoot People not only in movie, but outside also
2. Having laser eyes. (Kanti Chuputho champaysatha)
3. Senseless talking in functions, interviews
4. Hitting thighs (Thoda Kottadam) 

Personal Details: 

Name: BalKrish N
Age : 30yrs in Industry
Weight: I Dont know Exactly(Machine Not Working......Showing Display As "Weight LIMIT OVER".)
Hobbies: I am Not a Man to have Hobbies 

Finally 2 Days Back, Sending This Resume to US Govt. with Ref. Barak Obama for the post of Chief Investigation Officer, FBI.

Presently Thinking and Waiting for the Call.................!